Dog Control Orders

Following the Doglaw seminar in May there is new information relating to Dog Control Orders.
The intention is to replace them with PPPOs in England and Wales, for the first 3 years of implementation the DCOs will run along side the PPPOs .
Dog Control Orders are now implemented in Denbighsire, Conwy & Gwynedd  Counties. Orders may vary from county to county, if stopped by an enforcement officer
  • Ask for I.D and take note of name of officer
  • Ask what offence you are being fined for.
  • If area restrictions are the offence you are fined for ask where the relevant signage is displayed.
  • Take photos of the area in which the council consider restricted and then take photos of the signage on your phone.
Owners should be aware of orders which are operating in their dog walking locations, if you do not have this information contact your local county offices.
Public Meeting regarding Dog Control Orders  at Old Colwyn Methodist Church 3.11.11 at  6pm Cllr Holland & Leanne Martin (regulatory services ) will be available to answer any queries. Please remember to send your letters  of representation to the Civic Centre Colwyn Bay  before mid night on 10.11.11
D.C.Os changes have been published in the Public Notice section of your local newspapers. They are also available for viewing on The date for making  representations regarding these orders is midnight 10.11.2011
Attended surgery with Darren Millar, he believes that marked pitches should be a no go zone for dogs (as I do, if they weren't all in one park). He has agreed to raise the issue of a zone for "dogs off lead" in Pentre Mawr Park. He intends to dicuss the matter with Lyn Davies - Conwy County Council.  Apparently our county is one of the better counties at fining owners for not cleaning up after their dogs. Bearing in mind how much dog faeces is still on pavements within our towns -  Does this mean we have too few staff to enforce current by laws ? Does it mean that the staff are not out at the times required to catch more irresponsible dog owners ?
Following a meeting by Conwy County Council scrutiny committee there will be an amended version of the original dog control orders for the public to view in the Public notices of local papers and on the councils web site.
WE have finished with our marches now as we have covered Llandudno, Colwyn Bay & Abergele. Thank you to everyone who supported the marches.
Please don't think that I have given up in the fight against DCOs, I am attending a surgery with Darren Millar this week and I would advise you all to do the same to make your views known, I have also requested the statistics under the Freedom of Information act regarding several dog related matters since the Clean Neighbourhood & Environment act was initiated.
ON Saturdays March a dog owner asked me what we were marching for. As I have said previously, each individual may have a different reason for opposing an element of the  dog control orders, that is why it is vital for each owner  to write their letters of  objections or agreement once the orders have been published.