Dog Tips


WE recommend

  •  That you place an I.D tag on your dogs collar with YOUR name and address on ( phone number optional). In 2015 compulsory micro chipping for all dogs will be required in Wales.

  • That you start classes one week after the second vaccination.

  • That you visit a class without your dog prior to starting training if you would like to

  • That you look for classes which use positive reinforcement

Choosing your vet. The choice is YOURS.

When you choose a vet please be aware that there is now a policy with many vets relating to "out of hours" treatment. If you are registered with a vet that is part such a group you should be aware of the following.
  • "Vets Now" at Prospect House Colwyn Bay treat your pet. These may not be the vets who within your normal practice
  • The cost for consult starts at around £120 - before treatment. 
  • The on call vet does not treat your dog unless you can pay this fee.(usually up front) 
  • Vets who are NOT part of this group are Gele vets in Abergele and Caerwys/Rhyl vets(formally Sargents). 
  • Out of hours - this means any time outside of your normal surgery hours
  • Should your pet need to stay in with "Vets Now" during the night , then require to stay in at the vets during normal hours you would have to take your pet back to your original surgery. 
  • Out of Hours vets- would not offer Emergency first aid treatment to a pup with internal bleeding without payment up front. The pup had to go to another vet for treatment. A dog needing treatment over the Christmas period was charged nearly £200. A dog I accompanied to Caerwys vets on the Bank holiday had a consultation, 2 injections, 3 lots of medication and cost £55. Whichever vet you should choose check the Out of Hours policy

There are so many pieces of information to impart to dog owners, one most important part of living with your dog is establishing who is in charge.  Dominance seems to be the wrong phrase to me.  Think about the situation within your household and work out how to show that you are establishing the ground rules.


  • Purchasing a puppy is an exciting time. If you see your dog advertised please take time read the advert properly. if I advertise Labrador pups for sale with the following information, how do you the potential buyer interpret the detail ? Lab pups for sale, vet checked, hip scored, K.C. Registered. Vet Checked normally means the pups have been looked at by a vet since birth, Hip scored - do you know a good hip score for this breed? Are there papers to see the parents scoring? K.C. registered, if you check the registration form of the parents and check the number on the Kennel Club web site you can see what tests and results are in relation to the parents. Paperwork should not be sent on to you, it should be sail able when you collect the pup
  • Puppy insurance - some breeders offer 4-6 weeks free insurance for your new pup. If you want to start insurance with another company after the initial period expires then start you new insurance with 2 weeks left of the free insurance as new insurances do not normally cover the first 14 days. If you do not want to take out medical insurance it would be advisable to have Third party liability insurance.
  •  Collecting your puppy, take a crate, towels, wet wipes, poo bags and water/bowl for the pup. Not all dogs travel well, should your pup be sick whilst travelling you will have the means to clean up the pup and car.
  • Collect paperwork from the seller, K.C. Papers and paperwork relating to the health checks  of the parents e.g. Eye testing, hip testing etc. Vaccination /worming information
  • When you have your puppy home you should register the dog with a vet and have it examined and get information on when to vaccinate and worm your dog. We all know that it is not advisable to let your dog out and about on the floor walking until after the 2nd part of its vaccination, you can however take your pup out with you in the car for short journeys, sit on a bench with your pup on your lap. This gives your pup the opportunity to see lots of different things safely.

Start as you mean to go on - Who is in Charge?
  • Go through a door or gate before your dog.
  • Never walk over a dog lying in the door way.
  • Feed your dog after you, even if this means you pretending to eat their food.
  • Groom your dog regularly.
  • Don't allow your dog to look down at you from the top of the stairs, call the dog down and let it follow you up.
  • Allowing your dog to sit on your furniture at your level or above indicates that the dog is your equal. If you wish to have your dog on the furniture educate your dog that it is allowed to do so when you give it permission .

Puppies Mouthing

MOUTHING is NOT something that should be allowed, if left to continue ,there will be further issues as that dog grows into an adult. This is almost always an issue with new owners and their pups, remember that your pup played with the litter mates and was mouthing them prior to you collecting them.
If your pup is mouthing you or your clothing then stop interacting with it ! Interaction is verbal, tactile/stroking, pushing the pup away and making eye contact with it.
You could yelp like its litter mate may have done why play was too fierce.
Remove yourself from play, keeping your hands away from the dog, don't talk to the dog, avoid eye contact.
Once the dog has stopped this biting and a few seconds have passed you can then praise your pup verbally or if necessary give the dog a toy or chew to mouth on.
Many owners give the toy/reward to the dog whilst the dog is still in the process of mouthing the owner. This timing is incorrect, you are rewarding the dog for biting/mouthing you. 


Whilst training your dog on the lead to walk to heel it is important to remember
  • Have a suitable collar and lead for the breed of dog
  • Do not try to teach your dog to walk to heel with an extending dog lead
  • Should you hold the lead only by the handle, your dog will be changing sides and causing you to trip. Please hold the handle of the lead at waist height and with the other hand hold the lead further down and place your dog on one side of you that you want it to walk on.
  • Please do not over walk  your puppy - the bones are growiing and a rule of thumb for a healthy pup would be 5 -10 mins walk for each month of its life per walk. If your pup is 2 months old then 10 minutes or so will be sufficient.
  • Train your pup for short periods only several times a day.
  • If you would like your dog to share your chair or bed then please do not let your dog jump up without your permission.
Over the past several months we have seen dogs with hip dysplasia, spinal lesions, irritable bowel and much more!
Many of these cases have been covered by insurance some haven't. Please take time to think what is best for your dog.
If in doubt consult your vet.

Legal requirement

  • It is a requirement by law that your dog should have the  owners name & address attached to  the collar of your dog, the telephone number is optional. Some local authorities allow less information , however ,should you travel regularly out of county into other areas the required information may differ. Don't wait until your dog is lost!  Many of us have our dog microchipped, whilst this can prove beneficial it does not meet the legal requirement. I.D. Tags We now offer tags for you to purchase should you wish to.