Since becoming a multiple dog owner I have tried to locate a vet that I have confidence in and is also good value for money. I use Caerwys Vets, they are situated in Rhyl and Caerwys and were previously owned  and run by Mr.Sergeant. They are in the process of setting up a web site but at present you can contact them by phoning 01745 332628 or 01352 720203 or visit  Please visit our Dog tips page for update of vets our of normal hours.


Many people have asked about dog insurance - I beleieve that you can only find out how good your insurance is when you need to place a claim. I have one for each of my dogs and I have to say that it is was only after my dog needed expensive treatment that the vets would not deal directly with the company - I only learnt that after claiming for Oscars spinal problems. When I look for insurance I look for a life time cover, what amount can be paid in Vets fees per condition, what I could afford and several other matters. Obviously each person may require something different e.g. I don't take my dogs abroad - some people do. Many insurances will exclude claims if you do not routinely vaccinate your dog, some take into account worming and frontline. If you purchase a puppy with 6 weeks free insurance then wish to change to another company do so when you have 2 weeks of your free insurance to run. Most insurance companies do not allow a claim for the 1st 14 days of a new policy. This is a way to cover the overlap period,